Trainee Programmes


Fresh Graduate Programmes

Lucky Core Industries offers various programmes for fresh graduates through which itwe develops future leaders:

  1. Graduate Recruit Programmes
  2. Finance Trainee Programme
  3. Legal Trainee Programme

 In order to be a part of Lucky Core Industries’s trainee programme an individual must exhibit the following qualities of an Enabler and an Achiever:.


Traits of an Enabler

  • Be inclusive
  • Set high standards for performance
  • Focus on self-development 
  • Be courageous, futuristic, and collaborative


Traits of an Achiever

  • Be resilient
  • Bounce back quickly from a setback
  • Deliver high quality results
  • Hold self and others accountable 
  • Be decisive

Graduate Recruit Programme

Our Graduate Recruit programme is conducted once a year to add to the talent pool of the organiszation within the commercial and technical streams.
We are constantly on the look-out for confident and driven individuals who exhibit strategic thinking and analytical abilities. 

Minimum Selection Criteria
  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university

Selection Process (explained through visuals)
  • Round 1 : Digitiszed Gamification
  • Round 2 : Video Assessment
  • Round 3 : Behavioural Interview Assessment
  • Round 4 : Final Group Assessment with a panel consisting of members of the Executive Management Team

Finance Trainee Officer Programme

ICAEW and ICAP have recogniszed Lucky Core Industries as a Company that is well equipped to provide training opportunities as per their requirement for someone who wishes to take these examinations. This affiliation allows us to provide more opportunities to our finance trainees to add to their knowledge base and academic qualifications and also helps us in attracting talent and stepping towards becoming an employer of choice, subsequently contributing to better business performance.

Our three- year Training Programme is all about learning functional aspects of finance and business control as well as general business management skills. If you have the proficiency and the perseverance, we invite you to be a part of our finance team.

Minimum Selection Criteria

  • ACCA Finalist or Affiliate/ICAP-CAF Qualified
  • Candidates must be below 26 years of age

Selection Process (explained through visuals)

  • First Round: Cognitive Assessment at the time of recruitment.
  • Second Round: An HR Behavioural interview & Functional Interview with the Line Manager
  • Third Round: An interview with the Finance Manager
  • Final Round: Candidates interviewed by the Chief Executive Officer – CFO
  • Selected candidates are then offered placement in the Trainee programme

Legal Trainee Programme

Our two- year Legal Trainee Officer Programme is aimed at developing fresh talent to become leading corporate lawyers.

Recruitment for the LTO program is conducted on a need basis throughout the year.

Minimum Selection Criteria

LLB Degree from a reputed university

Selection Process (explained through visuals)

  • Shortlisting of resumes from the universities providing law programmes 
  • First Round: Cognitive Assessment 
  • Second Round: An HR Behavioural interview & Functional Interview with the Line Manager 
  • Third Round: Final interview with a Head of department 
  • Selected candidate is then offered placement in Legal Trainee Programme