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Our Vision

As the partner of choice, we aspire to build our local and international footprint through sustainable growth and by creating value for all our stakeholders.


“Lucky Core Industries Limited continues to fulfil its promise of Cultivating Growth. Moreover, our company has laid strong foundations for future growth, with major expansion projects and investments right across our diversified portfolio.”

ASIF JOOMA, Chief Executive Lucky Core Industries Limited
Soda Ash

Our Businesses


In 1941, Terylene Polyester Staple Fiber was introduced to the world by ICI PLC UK. Scrunch it, stretch it and wash it without any wear and wrinkles. This is what polyester is famous for Over time, Polyester has evolved into a fibre that allows specialization and innovation, most of which is not possible with natural fibres. In align with future needs of the textile industry, Terylene Polyester Staple Fiber has focused its specialized variants on four key areas, which are as follow:

  • Health & Hygiene
  • Sustainability
  • Versatility
  • Traceability
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Soda Ash

Not everyone knows what soda ash is. But without it, the manufacturing of necessary materials such as glass, paper and detergents would not be possible. You will even find this versatile compound in your kitchen – in the form of baking soda, used in delicious baked goods.

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Animal Health

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Chemicals & Agri Sciences

We are not exaggerating when we say our essential chemical ingredients and agri sciences products are a part of your life at every step of the way. From food items to medical applications, from crop and farming practices to sports shoes, and from vehicle transmissions to the cooling and refrigeration industries, we create and provide the vital ingredients for many personal, household care, and industrial products, as well as for agricultural uses.

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