Beliefs & Principles

Our goal is to increase stakeholder value by delivering sustainable solutions to our customers, which is crucial for the success of our company. To achieve this, we require sustainable business operations in order to meet our needs today whilst protecting resources and rights for future generations.

This we achieve by the continuous improvement of our first class HSE&S performance through corporate leadership, the dedication of our staff and the application of the highest professional standards in our work.
The principles, by which we operate, are;

  • All work related injuries and illnesses are preventable. Therefore we protect people on our sites; people involved in our businesses and other stakeholders interests’ from accidental or deliberate harm, damage or loss.
  • All emissions of hazardous materials can be prevented and will progressively be reduced, as products and technologies develop.
  • Continuous improvement in HSE, Security and Product Stewardship will provide business values, opportunities and competitive advantage.
  • Stakeholders have a right to information about our operations and HSE&S performance and that transparency will promote and increase trust.