Quality Assurance & Testing


Our sophisticated quality control facilities are comparable to the best in the world. All production batches are subject to processability tests for a wide range of critical performance properties. These tests are conducted on standard processing equipment in the laboratory, simulating actual processing. Following are some of our advanced testing facilities:

  • Melt Flow Index (MFI) – Tester
  • Computerised spectrophotometer
  • Single screw lab extruder
  • Blown film extruder
  • Injection moulding machine
  • Filterability test extruder
  • Oven and muffle furnace
  • Delta P Tester
  • Latest designed twin screw co-rotating extruder
  • Pressure index test for Fillers/Polywhite
  • Pigment/TiO2 /Carbon Black dispersion testing facilities
  • Weatherometer

We also offer basic raw materials testing for polymers, pigments, additives, dispersing agents and functional fillers and finished products for white and black, colour, additives, fillers and compounds.

The tests for raw materials include MFI, moisture content, fish eye/contamination, colour, colour strength, colour tone/clarity, odour, heat and light fastness, bleeding characteristics, whiteness/yellow index, jetness, melting point and molten clarity.

The tests for finished products include ash/carbon content, moisture content, dispersion, contamination, fines, shapes, opacity, whiteness/yellow index, odour, shade/colour match, migration, bulk density, filtration test and number of granules (per gram)

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