Nilverm Drench


Composition: contain

  • Levamisole HCL 15mg/ml


The larvae of internal worms reside in almost the entire cattle population. Hence, the diseases caused by the intestinal, stomach and lung worms are common amongst the animals. Symptoms of the diseases caused by these worms mostly remain undetected if the number of worms existing within the animals is relatively small. If, however, the population of the Larvae increases, animals start to become weak. Lung worm’s residue inside the small air vessels connected to the lungs. They make it difficult for the animals to breathe, causing itching within the air vessels and coughing.


  • It works against intestinal, lung and stomach worms and kills them.
  • For increases the productivity and the general well-being of animals by eliminating the worm.
  • Kills all those worms that have become resistant to other similar drugs as well.


  • For large and small animals 1ml/2kg body weight


  • Can be administered to weak, young as well as pregnant animals.
  • No precautions necessary prior to the use of Nilverm
  • Increases the production of milk and meat in the animals
  • Avoid from the direct sun light
  • Deworm the animals after every 3 month
  • Don’t exceed recommended dosage,
  • Store in a cool and dry place


  • 100ml, 250ml and Liter